Get in my belly

We like to eat. Luckily, we also like to cook. But do you ever start realizing that, just like you’ve accidentally been wearing the same flowy skirt every Friday for a month (guilty as charged), every Wednesday is wheat Israeli couscous, pesto tofu and veggies night? We are oh-so-guilty.

So in an attempt to branch out, I’ve been hittin’ the blogs hard. To not share the following two winners would be a crime to humanity.

1. Perfect veggie burger

  2. Chickpea stew with dumplings

Sorry about the amateur, cell phone food photography. You should still be drooling, though.

Drop and gimme 20

No, I’m not going to be female version of Tony Hawk. But I did spend my evening at the new skate park behind my building.

I did it. I went to boot camp. And after jumping onto those ledges approximately 17 thousand times, I was thinking I might fare better here:

PS - It was [sweaty and] awesome.

Eat good, do good.

I spent six hours today serving at Cafe 458 — a project of the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency that serves the homeless five days a week and, on Sunday, opens to the public for a fund-raising brunch.

I hadn’t waited a table in probably eight years, but whaddaya know? It’s like riding a bike.




Thinking about it.




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